COMEDK 2018 Syllabus

Subject-Wise Syllabus for COMEDK 2018:

COMEDK 2018 Syllabus: Subject-Wise
(For B.Tech)
English Proficiency (For MBBS, BDS)
Units of Measurement Electrochemistry Sets Diversity in the living world Comprehension
Alternating Current Chemistry of Carbon Compounds Relations & Functions Genetics & Evolution Determiner
Electromagnetic Induction Polymers Permutations & Combinations Cell: The Unit of Life Idioms and Phrases
Current & Electricity Chemistry in Action Correlation & Regression Reproduction in Animals Modals
Motion in One, Two & Three Dimensions Transition of Metals Probability Reproduction in Plants One-word Substitution
Oscillations Chemical Kinetics Circles Ecology & Environment Rearrangement of Jumbled Words
Waves Bio-Molecules Matrices & Determinates Structural Organization in Animals Conjunctions
Work, Energy, Power Organic Chemistry Trigonometry Structural Organization in Plants Sentence Completion
Kinetic Energy Nuclear Chemistry Logarithmic Series Human Warfare Sequence of Words
Heat & Thermodynamics The States of Matter Co-ordinate Geometry Applications Synonyms
Electrostatics Atomic Structure Differential Equation Principles of Inheritance & Variation Antonyms
Magnetic Effect of Current Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure Vectors Transport in Plants Tenses
Optics Thermodynamics Three Dimensional Geometry Photosynthesis Voice: Active & Passive
Modern Physics Electrochemistry Differential Calculus Plant Respiration
Electronic Devices Hydrogen and S-block Elements Integral Calculus Plant Growth & Development
Impulse and Momentum P, D and F-Block Elements Ordinary Differential Equations Digestion
Rotation Motion Organic Chemistry and Hydrocarbons Binomial Theorem Respiration
Gravitation Stereochemistry Conic Sections Circulation & Body Fluids
Mechanics of Solids and Fluids Environmental Chemistry Statistics Excretion & Elimination
Kinematics Equilibrium  


Homeostasis & Endocrine System
Newton’s Laws of Motion Redox Reactions

Important Notes for Candidates:

  • The COMEDK 2018 UGET syllabus is slightly advanced from the syllabus studied in the PU exams, for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology.
  • Those who wish to take up Engineering courses may only need to attempt Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • Candidates seeking admission in BDS and MBBS need to attempt the Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English subjects of COMEDK 2018.
  • Anyone who is interested in both medical and engineering admissions is required to take up all the subjects in COMEDK 2018.
  • Those who are taking admission for B.Arch may simply write the NATA (National Aptitude Test for Architecture) exam and submit their scores for the same. These candidates need not take up the COMEDK 2018 exam.
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